Gross photo of deceased pet is made from pets own ashes

This may be the most disturbing and gross photo I have ever seen. I can understand that some people love their pets so much that they have photos of them and treat them like kids. I get that pets mean a lot to some people. I can also understand people wanting to bury their pet in a cemetery and all that stuff. Cremating a pet is a bit off though and when you then take those ashes and use them to print a photo of your dead animal that's just plain weird.

A design firm from Norway called Skrekk√łgle has developed a weird printer that has been modded and can print a photo of your pet using those cremated pet remains. The exact process the company used to turn the ashes into the photo is unknown. I wonder if they didn't just mix the ashes with some black ink and be done with it.

The designers don't say how much the printing costs, but you can drop them an email if you want to remember Fido with a print like this. I wonder how long it takes to print a photo of your dog like this. What do you think is this a normal thing for owners that lose a pet or just plain weird?

[via Popphoto]