Grillbot Pro debuts with Bluetooth 4.0 and grill cleaning cartridge

There's a new cleaning robot on the market, and it is called the Grillbot Pro. Building upon the previously launched Grillbot, the Grillbot Pro features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for advanced grill-cleaning powers, enabling the robot to connect to your mobile device where you can then utilize certain elements of control. The new Grillbot Pro also features a grill cleaning cartridge said to improve the robot's cleaning abilities.

Grillbot is sort of like a Roomba, but for your grill rather than your carpet. This fully automated device can be used with any grill style; place it on the grill's cooking surface and it goes to work cleaning the grease and other mess off using a brush. The unit can change the brush's directions, move it around, and change its speed.

The Grillbot features an LCD, alarm and timer, and is able to perform a range of cleaning intensities ranging from light to deep cleaning. The idea here is that you put the robot on the grill and let it clean it for you rather than taking the time to manually scrub and scrap the grill yourself. The new version, Grillbot Pro, retains this simple foundational design.

The Pro version of this robot, however, has Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting to your smartphone and the related mobile app. Users can use their phone to turn the robot's spray cycle on or off, and also view alerts and notification like a heat alert and view the cleaning time left. There are also the cleaning cartridges, which better enable the Grillbot to get grease and grime off the grill.