Grill Alert Gives BBQ Info Galore!

Grill Alert consists of two units; A transmitter, a stick-like device that is jabbed into thie of meat in the grill, and a receiver that is put on a table nearby so that you can monitor the meat. Besides being a thermometer, you can set the level of cooking you want (rare all the way to well done).

This device is great if you have a smoker that smokes meat over a long period of time (I am investing in a smoker, so when I get it, a review will come for sure). If you don't want to sit next to your smoker for hours (like most people), you can carry around the receiver and it will beep when everything is ready.

The receiver is LCD, and has bars and words to guide you through. The whole unit can be bought for $75 USD over at Brookstone.

Grill Alert – Remote Meat Thermometer [Via: Uber-Review]