Griffin Stylus + Pen + Laser Is A Geek Multi-Tool

If you work in the business world and have a tablet or smartphone that you have a hard time using with your fingers, you might have your eyes on a stylus. I know a lot of iPad users want a stylus and some iPhone users do too. However, you pockets can get full if you have to carry a stylus, pen, and a laser pointer for your presentations.

Griffin Technology has a new geek multi-tool that combines three different things your typical working nerd needs including a stylus for your tablet, a pen to write with, and a laser pointer for messing with cats or harassing coworkers. That laser works just as well for presentations in the boardroom. The stylus and pen head are on one removable section of the tool. The tool is called Stylus + Pen + Laser.

The soft rubber tip of the stylus promises to work on the iPhone and iPad as well as other tablets. The pen head is refillable and lets you write your notes or take the bosses lunch order. The gadget will sell for $49.99 and is available now.