Griffin Ships iMarker For Crayola ColorStudio HD iPad App

Griffin and Crayola have teamed up to create a product that will help your kids express their creativity without finger-painting your walls. But, it will require you to get them their own iPad or lend them your's. The Crayola ColorStudio HD app for the iPad along with the iMarker stylus was first introduced back at CES and is now finally ready to ship.

The ColorStudio HD for iPad app works with the Griffin iMarker stylus like a digital coloring book. It includes over 30 animated and interactive coloring pages that react while being colored. The app can also detect whether a stylus or a finger is touching the screen so that kids will have to keep their fingers off the screen to prevent mucking up their creations.

Griffin is now shipping the bundled package of the Crayola's ColorStudio HD along with the iMarker stylus for $29.99. The app itself can actually be downloaded for free from the App Store. Updates will continue to add new sets of coloring pages to the app.

[via CNET]