Griffin MultiDock Redesign, Holds And Charges Your Devices In Style

Trying to break out of the box, almost literally, Griffin has remade its MultiDock charging station. The popular maker of device cases and accessories has now created a box that will not only charge your multitude of devices, but will look pretty good on your desk or counter.

The original MultiDock sold by griffin sported a black box look that looked more like a server rack than a charging station. Employing the help of former Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer, Griffin decided to reimagine the box to deliver something that is not only functional but also pleasing to look at.

Enter the new MultiDock. Almost betraying its Applesque inspirations, the dock now sports a cleaner and brighter design, with rounded corners and a brushed metal look, accented by an orange border at the top. The exterior is made from aluminum but is perforated in order to let air flow through easily. Like the previous version, the dock is able to hold up to 10 devices, whether they be smartphones or tablets. But now it is able to do so in a smaller, more efficient space.

The dock is able to support Apple Lightning, Apple Dock Connector, or micro USB cables. Using Griffin's ChargeSensor technology, the dock can automatically adjust its output to give the best charging rate per device. Its Quick Charge mode also provides the fastest possible rate to Apple devices using Apple's new Lightning connector. The dock also has special LEDs that lets users easily see the charging status at a glance.

The new Griffin MultiDock comes two configurations. The single unit holds 10 devices and can be stacked to up to three boxes to accommodate up to 30 devices. A pre-assembled 3-Unit Stack is also available and comes with smooth-rolling casters, a grab handle, and a lockable laptop tray. The MultiDock will be available this month from Griffin for a price tag of $699 to $2399.

SOURCE: Griffin