Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Case - iPhoneBuzz Putting It Through Its Paces

Sure we aren't the first to get one of these things, but we are going to take our time, at least the whole weekend in fact, to get familiarized. We'll put this supposed signal boosting iPhone case through its paces and see what comes out the other end.

Supposedly this case with a built in copper passive antenna is supposed to increase call quality, range, download speed, and overall give you better, stronger, faster connections to the AT&T network. Supposedly it is specially tuned to the AT&T network, so if you've seen this anywhere else and someone had a hacked iPhone, or wasn't testing it on the ATT network, it could have been cause for some poor results, but I think the whole specially tuned thing is a bunch of hokey and its just a hunk of copper that may or may not do its job.

Anyways the guys over at iPhoneBuzz, our sister site, will be reviewing this product over the weekend and should have a full review ready for your hot little hands come Monday. Until then, enjoy pics of what looks like a pretty cool case (unless that hunk of metal really is useless, and then it's not so cool). Here's to hoping that this works.

[via iPhoneBuzz]