Griffin Amplifi Keeps It Simple, Yet Performs

WYSIWYG is pretty much spot on for this iPod speaker. There is a dock on top, a knob/button on the front and a very basic IR remote.

The remote keeps functionality simple with pause/play, skip, volume, and power. Basically to get started all you do is plug in the speaker/dock, dock your iPod or connect another audio source via the auxiliary input, push the knob on the front to turn it on, and then turn the knob to crank it up.

The people over at CrunchGear got a review unit and put it through its paces and they liked it, especially for the low price point it offers, ringing up at about $150. This makes me wish I still had my iPod, the Griffin Amplifi is quite similar in beauty and functionality as the Apple HiFi, but at a far, far lower price.

Griffin Amplifi Review [via crunchgear]