Grid 4S hands-on and eyes-on - tech history meets art

Many of us probably have our favorite phones and gadgets we'd like to preserve for posterity and nostalgia even if they don't even turn on anymore. Most of those, however, end up forgotten in drawers where they can even become potential fire hazards. The folks over at Grid Studio, however, have come up with a very tasteful and beautiful way of preserving pieces of smartphone history that can also be quite informative as well. Enter the Grid 4S which takes one of Apple's most important iPhones, takes it apart, and enthrones it in a hand-assembled masterpiece of industrial art fit for any iPhone or Apple fan's living room.

Although one of Apple's "S" series iPhones, the iPhone 4s plays an important part in the company's smartphone history. Many will remember it as the first iPhone to come with Siri, the personal assistant that started it all. One can probably buy an iPhone 4s from the grey market these days but why settle for that when you can have an art piece that truly shows what makes it special, inside and out.

Shenzhen-based Grid Studio has made a name for itself disassembling phones, smartwatches, and even gaming consoles and framing them to become part of your room's decor. Like all its other Grid frames, the Grid 4S is painstakingly made by hand, which may also explain some very minimal smudges or dirt you'd get underneath the glass. A great example of the company's attention to detail is the packaging which is wrapped with a Grid-branded ribbon and a wax seal.

Each of the iPhone 4s' components is meticulously laid out on an A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) piece of white material and are clearly marked. Some, like the screen and body, even have measurements. More than just a piece of art, the Grid 4S can also be informational, showcasing the technologies and hardware available during its time period. It is also completely safe since the battery included in the frame is actually just the covering with none of the dangerous, volatile materials inside.

The Grid 4S almost makes for the perfect gift for an iPhone fan, even for yourself, provided you can actually justify the costs. It goes for $169, which is currently discounted at $139, which doesn't include the shipping price yet. For those with the resources, however, this handcrafted work of tech art could very well be worth that price, not just for its unique artistic value but also for its historical and educational significance.