Gresso unveils $2500 Cruiser Titanium phone

Shane McGlaun - Feb 6, 2013, 7:30am CST
Gresso unveils $2500 Cruiser Titanium phone

Gresso has a long history of offering up smartphones for wealthy people who care more about appearances than functionality. The company has unveiled a new smart phone today called the Cruiser Titanium. The phone is housed in a single piece case made from titanium.

The titanium case is hand polished bringing it to an incredible sheen. The company says that making the case involves nine separate stages. The polishing of the case is a six stage process on its own to begin with followed by three stage hand polishing phase at the end. Titanium is incredibly strong and the manufacturer promises that the case will withstand extreme loads and resist dents.

Each of the buttons on front of the mobile phone are hand polished. The screen is covered in solid tempered glass and uses a special tinting technology to make it appear a deep black color. The manufacturer says it takes 16 hours to create one Cruiser Titanium phone. The display on the phone is a TFT with the 240 x 320 pixel resolution measuring two-inches. The screen can only display 262,144 colors.

The phone runs the Symbian S40 operating system and operates on GSM frequency bands. The phone does have a microSD card slot for storage and only 30 MB of internal storage is available. The device has integrated GPRS and Bluetooth along with a two megapixel camera. This isn’t a phone you buy for functionality; it’s a phone you buy for style. The phone costs $2500 and is available to order right now.

[via Gresso]

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