Gresso Luxor World Time Phone Puts Sapphire Crystals and World Clocks in Your Hand

Evan Selleck - Oct 7, 2010, 11:33am CDT
Gresso Luxor World Time Phone Puts Sapphire Crystals and World Clocks in Your Hand

For special or limited edition items, there’s got to be something inside the package, or part of the device itself, that makes the title worthwhile. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be very special. However, there are some companies out there that take things to an extreme level. Gresso has done just that, as they’ve unveiled their brand new limited edition cell phone, which features plenty of “extras” that make the title make sense, but will still make your wallet have a panic attack.

The Gresso Luxor World Time phone is designed specifically for the world traveler. As you can see from the image above, owners have the ability to bring up the time for six different locations at a time. This is handled by the six independent Swiss clockwork mechanisms. The company says that the power reserve is clocked at 10 years. But, you don’t access the clocks by the front screen. Instead, on the back of the device you’ll find the five clocks showcasing world business centers, including Tokyo, New York, Paris, Moscow, and London. The sixth, and perhaps most important, slot is wherever you want it to be, which can be your home, or where you might be travelling to.

The thickness of the new phone’s case is only 2 mm, and you’ll find two 97-carat sapphire crystals with a high-glass coating on the device, too. But, if you need more sapphire crystals, the keyboard is made from them, too. The phone is encased in a titanium alloy, which Gresso had specially designed for their new phone. Oh, and the back panel? That features Italian leather. You can order one of Gresso’s new Luxor World Time phones right now if you want, but be prepared for the price: $6,000.

[via ChipChick]

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