Greenpeace unveils greenest tech firms for November 2011

The green beatniks at Greenpeace have been putting together the rankings of the greenest firms in the tech world. It's obvious from the latest rankings that there are no major tech firms that are anywhere near as green as Greenpeace wants. The highest ranking firm is HP at 5.9 on the 10-point scale.

That 5.9 is a three spot gain for HP making it the greenest around. Dell is second with a score of 5.1, a rise of eight places, but Dell still scores poorly on green products. Nokia is at 4.9, down two places from its previous top spot. Apple ranks at 4.6. Philips takes fifth with a 4.5, Sony Ericsson is sixth at 4.2, and Samsung takes the seventh sport at 4.1.

Rounding out the top ten are eight place Lenovo at 3.8, Panasonic at ninth with 3.6 and Sony at tenth with 3.6. It's not clear how with the same score Greenpeace decided which of those two landed at what spot. The lowest scoring firm on the Greenpeace list is RIM at only 1.6 in the 15th spot. Apparently, RIMs poor placement has to do with failure to disclose environmental factors.