Greenpeace not giving Apple enough green credit

According to a new article by BusinessWeek, Apple might be getting a bum rap from Greenpeace when it comes to their environmental standing. In fact, Apple's score on their overall "greenness" has barely inched upward. And this is accounting for their big new green initiative. So if their scores haven't improved and Apple is greener, what's the deal?

It seems Greenpeace may actually be singling out the company unfairly. The latest changes made by Apple have turned almost all of their computers Energy Star 4 compliant. They feature smaller packaging and have worked to reduce toxins. By contrast, Dell ships a considerably fewer number of its computers with the Energy Star sticker, but have surpassed Apple in the Greenpeace rating.

It seems Greenpeace has been using only the published wording of each company as their guideline for environmental ratings rather than the efforts actually taken. It's interesting to say the least, especially since many people these days are purchasing more products based on greenness.