Green umbrella drying concept waters plants

Shane McGlaun - Jul 30, 2010
Green umbrella drying concept waters plants

It does not rain that much in the drought prone part of Texas where I live. When it does, it rains a lot in a short period typically. For a few days we will live under an umbrella and all that water from the wet surface of said umbrella tends to make a mess.

If you live in an area with lots of rain and have to keep an umbrella handy this cool concept umbrella dryer will be right up your alley. The thing has tall green sponge fingers that you cram the umbrella between. The water is soaked up by the sponges.

That water then filters down to the bottom of the trough where some green plants use the water to live. Another concept by the same designer looks like a pencil and has some sponge cloth inside to dry the umbrella.

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