Green ASUS Eee PC

James Allan Brady - Nov 26, 2007

Alright, so, the Eee PC is sold out everywhere, ASUS can’t make enough of them, and everyone wants one. So some people are forced to search foreign markets or pay outrageous prices on Ebay (the highest bid on one right now is $524.54).

But there is a green one for sale on Ebay Germany by way of a Taiwanese retailer. They can’t even make enough of the Plain White Eee’s (sorry, that’s my little joke) and yet somewhere they are making pastel green ones.

Oh well, the bid for the green one at is 269 Euro which is pretty close to the standard price for a new Eee PC. I am sure however, that someone will buy it, and put it on Ebay America and it will sell for a small fortune.

The Asus Eee PC now comes in green – in Germany, via Taiwan [via techdigest]

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