Gravel in Pocket and C200 - the newest creations from Commodore play music and videos, not games

I really thought that Commodore was dead and buried until a few months ago. Then they come out of nowhere with some cool looking gaming PCs. Granted, they're a bit overpriced, but they do look cool. Now they're throwing us for a loop once again by working on an MP3 player.

I understand why they released a like of gaming PCs, it makes sense really. They were huge back before my day in the gaming world, so it's natural that they'd want to come back into the same market. But why MP3 players?

The Gravel In Pocket will be a WiFi-enabled PVP, while a smaller Gravel C200 will only be an MP3 player. No word on pricing, availability, or the logic behind these.

Commodore lends geek cred to MP3 players [via crave]