Grasp Lock uses biometrics to unlock your bike

Bicycles, convenient as they are, are vulnerable to theft, and no sane person would leave one parked somewhere sans a bike lock. Not all bike locks are created equal, of course, but most of them have one thing in common: inconvenience. Depending on the lock, securing and unlocking your bike can be cumbersome, an issue eliminated by "Grasp", the team behind the Grasp Lock.

Grasp Lock is a somewhat standard looking bike lock, but it is locked and unlocked by grasping, rather than keys or combinations. Such functionality is made possible through biometrics, with the bike owner's fingerprint serving as the master key. Grasp the lock, and in about a second, it will recognize your fingerprint and automatically engage (or disengage, depending).

Biometrics have an added advantage, in that a key can be lost and a combination can be forgotten, but your fingerprint will always be with you. As far as design goes, Grasp Lock features a hinged arm that rotates open and closed. The device is both weatherproof and scratch-proof, and features a soft plastic finish.

The team is seeking funding through Kickstarter, where they are hoping to raise $75,000 USD with about $12,000 raised so far and 58 days remaining. A single Grasp Lock can be had with an "early bird" pledge of $99. The retail price will be $159 USD. If all goes as planned, the lock will ship to backers starting November 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter