Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual available for iOS and Android

New to Grand Theft Auto and feeling lost? Rockstar Games has you covered. As of now, the Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual is available for download for iOS and Android users. With the manual comes information on the game's world in general, as well as everything you need to know for the latest record-breaking installment of the series.

This is the official manual for Grand Theft Auto: V, and brings with it in excess of 100 pages covering all aspects of the game. GTA: V's local neighborhoods and Los Santos/Blaine County tours are given, and included is a big interactive map of the world, allowing gamers to zoom in on specific regions for a little extra exploration.

The app is version 0.0.1, and for Android users clocks in at 181MB in size, while iOS users will have a slightly smaller file size at 123MB — either way, you'll likely want to make sure you're connected to a WiFi network before downloading. On Android, users will need to be running version 2.3.3 or higher, while Apple users will need to be running iOS 5 or higher.

As mentioned, GTA: V has received numerous designations, including the fastest title to hit the $1 billion sales mark, having reached more than $800 million in sales on its first day. According to Guinness World Records, the game also blasted through seven official world records, taking the title from such other notable titles as Call of Duty: Black Ops and movies like The Avengers and Avatar.

VIA: Android Police