Grand Theft Auto V makers sued by Lindsay Lohan

Nate Swanner - Jul 2, 2014, 1:41pm CDT
Grand Theft Auto V makers sued by Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has officially sued Take Two and Rockstar, makers of the Grand Theft Auto game franchise. Lohan insists that a character in grand Theft Auto V was modeled after her, both in likeness and storyline. The troubled actress feels the equally troubled character in a video game is an attempt to gain from her issues.

Lohan is uncomfortable with the fact the character in question, Lacey Jonas, attempts to flee the paparazi with the help of you, the player. Jonas also dresses similarly to Lohan, according to the suit, and there is even mention of Chateau Marmont — the famous Hollywood hotel where Lohan once holed up.

Similar, sure — but not unique. The storyline of a fallen actor is nothing new, and while Lohan may be one of the more sensational of late, she isn’t the first. Nonetheless, she feels the entire physical makeup of Jonas could be modeled after her in addition to the storyline.

Grand Theft Auto V made a staggering $800 million in opening day sales, which could have sparked this lawsuit. No word yet on whether the next Grand Theft Auto game will feature Dustin Feiber, a talented young musician who falls victim to casual drug use, running afoul of the law and dodging reporters as he learns to become a man.

Source: TMZ

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