Grand Theft Auto Online update fixes progress loss issue for PlayStation 3

Following the latest Grand Theft Auto Online update that Rockstar Games pushed out, another has followed, again for the PlayStation 3 with a promise that Xbox 360 owners will get it by tomorrow. This latest update fixes the problem gamers have had with progress loss, and brings with it some "technical fixes, tweaks and enhancements." Only part of the progress loss issue persists, and will be fixed in another update.

The particular aspect of the issue that isn't corrected by this update is a specific situation in which a car is purchased, but the following save doesn't happen. This is the result of a cloud save failure, and Rockstar Games says that a fix for this aspect of the problem is in the works. Beyond that, however, this update will correct a variety of issues.

The issues causing a loss of progress, including characters being deleted, has been fixed, as well as the infinite loading, infinite sky cams, and the problem with missing interface options when one is betwixt jobs. For those experiencing the specific and frustrating instance of becoming stuck when respraying a Sanchez motorcycle in the mod garage, the issue should also be nuked with this update.

Also speaking of getting stuck, the update addresses becoming trapped in Los Santos Customs when in Online tutorial, guns and ammo loss should be nullified, and races ending early because of borked character spawning is addressed. Rounding out the fixes are two more, both concerning Last Team Standing. Problems with getting past the lobby are fixed, as well as joining such a game using Quick Job, which previously resulted in network errors for some.

Beyond that, a couple tweaks have taken place. For the first, Rockstar Games has added some clarifications concerning the use of temporary characters in Grand Theft Auto Online when the cloud server is down. Beyond that, some changes have also taken place with the financial penalty that happens in a One on One match death.

SOURCE: Rockstar Games