Grand Theft Auto Online detailed, arriving in October

We've heard a lot of chatter about Grand Theft Auto Online, which is Rockstar's latest online multiplayer adventure set in the Grand Theft Auto V universe. The developer has teased the gameplay in the past briefly, but today, we're getting our first in-depth tease of GTA Online, with a launch date of October 1 — just a couple weeks after GTAV's launch.

Rockstar has released a 3-minute teaser video that shows off a few things that gamers should expect in the multiplayer game. One of the biggest points that Rockstar wanted to make is that GTA Online consists of a persistent online world that will "continue to expand and evolve after its launch." For example, Rockstar will update GTA Online with its own content, as well as allow user-created content to be created, such as races and deathmatches that players can share with others.

Players will be able to do co-op play during missions, and these consists of various burglaries, heists, etc., but if you're looking for a more relaxing challenge against your friends, you can play a round of golf or tennis, which was also teased in Rockstar's huge reveal trailer that was unveiled last month.

Completing missions will earn players money and reputation, which will bump them up in the GTA Online ranks and from there, gamers will be able to acquire property and aim to be the biggest player on the block.

GTA Online will be free for those who purchase GTAV, but it's unclear whether or not GTA Online will be a separate game. Rockstar seems to be treating it as a separate game, but it could easily just be a part of the GTAV game, or it could be a separate piece of DLC that you have to obtain after you buy the game.