Gran Turismo 7 hits the PS4 and PS5 next March

Sony is teasing the return of one of the most iconic video games ever landing on the PlayStation console. The game is Gran Turismo 7, and it's the latest iteration of the classic video game that goes back decades. Sony has confirmed GT7 will see the return of some fan-favorite modes, classic cars, and new and iconic racing tracks.

GT7 will land for the last generation PlayStation 4 and the current generation PlayStation 5 on March 4, 2022. The objective in designing GT7 in today's culture was to create a game that could convey the past 150 years of car and racing culture to both hard-core fans of the Gran Turismo franchise who have been playing since the game debuted and those who will discover the franchise for the first time through GT7.

A key feature returning in the new game is GT Campaign mode. That mode will allow players to create their own unique journey in the game and enable learning experiences where players will earn licenses to compete in various racing series around the world. Campaign mode is newly designed and starts from the GT World Map.

GT7 will feature a Livery Editor allowing players to design their racing livery to take to the track. The Scapes feature lets players take pictures of the cars they work so hard to create at different locations worldwide with photorealism and HDR technology. Players can photograph their cars freely at spots across 43 countries with over 2500 locations.

Some of the most legendary circuits in the world are included in the game, including Trial Mountain and High-Speed Ring, both returning to the game in GT7. Sony notes GT7 is designed as a car collecting game more than some of the franchise entries in the past. GT Café is where players will navigate their adventure in the game world and are presented with a collection of cars that have cultural meaning. Players can progress through the game and complete missions in the café, allowing them to acquire prize cars from various races worldwide. Players also get access to Brand Central and Used car Dealership.

Tuning is a big aspect of the game, with players able to customize their vehicle to a great extent with modifications from wheels to full roll cages and more. Dynamic weather will present changing conditions and challenges for drivers. Check out the trailer above to see a bit of the game in action.