Gramofon cloud jukebox streams Spotify

If you are a music fan, you may be interested in a new project that has turned up on Kickstarter for a music device called the Gramofon. Gramofon is a cloud music streaming device described as a modern jukebox. Your smartphone is used as the remote to control the music played. The music device is designed to be connected to the sound system or speakers of your choice.

Gramofon has to be connected to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi. It is compatible with any Android or iOS device for control. Once connected to the web, the Gramofon can be used to play your favorite music from Spotify and supports radio service from WahWah. Multiple users can control the Gramofon at one time allowing everyone to have a say in what music is played.

Gramofon comes from the company that makes Fon routers that are designed to share WiFi connectivity. That means that the music device can also act as a WiFi hotspot giving users access to free WiFi networks around the world. Hotspot functionality on the Gramofon doesn't need passwords, users log in using Facebook credentials.

The Gramofon project is looking for $250,000 to come to market. So far, it has 520 backers and has raised a bit more than $18,000. With 29 days to go, the project still has time to reach its funding goal. A pledge of $40 will get one of the first 100 white Gramofon units and a pledge of $50 or more will get one of the first 5000 black units. Delivery is expected to start in July 2014.

SOURCE: Kickstarter