GPS Sports brings GPS to your athlete

For a long time coaches and trainers have longed to be able to wirelessly track their athletes' location and vitals while playing their sport, the only problem has been figuring out how to do so without impending the players performance or getting in the way. GPS Sports, a company from Australia has now brought you one step closer.

Their device integrates GPS, which allows for the coaches to track their players' positions and how fast they move, and even pinpoint patterns in their movement. There is also a feature where the force of a hit a player receives can be measured and reported.

Which means the technology in its current state would be great for all contacts sports including rugby, football (soccer), US football (NFL), and hockey. Its being tested in Australia, the best part is the stats from these devices, such as how hard a given hit was, are, with the players permission, being broadcasted on the television for viewers to see. The device itself attaches to either a vest or a series of straps that go around the back much like what is pictured.

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