GPS Sniper Rifle - Creepy

Here's a great product that will keep the conspiracy theorist in your family awake at night. Just imagine that someone could be sitting atop a building with a sniper rifle, and shoot you with a tiny GPS tracking unit. Then they would be able to find you anywhere. Creepy isn't it?

Supposedly Empire North is working on just such a thing. Basically, it's a sniper rifle that shoots GPS chips at you. Their aim is to be able to implant such a device from a great distance (nearly a mile) without the target feeling anything more than a mosquito bite.

I'm not really buying that. I don't care how small the chip is, anything propelled with enough force to travel nearly a mile in a straight line is going to hurt. Yes, you might be able to propel something as small as a grain of sand for a mile without it hurting, but how do you intend to prevent it from being blown off-course by the wind? Next thing you know, you're tracking some stray cat all over town instead of your intended target.

GPS chips implanted in humans w/ sniper rifle [via navigadget]