GPS mirror keeps an eye out for you

How many times do you check your rear view mirror when you're driving? Probably more than you think. Just imagine how useful it would be if your mirror could tell you more than just what was behind you.

The GPS Mirror has several functions rolled into one. As you may have guessed from the name, the mirror has a built-in GPS unit that can provide you with a multitude of information. It checks your position to its database of known speed traps, mobile cameras and accident black spots and alerts you when you get close to one. This way you can continue on your way without getting a speeding ticket, or potentially having an accident.

When you look at the mirror it can tell you how fast you are going, as well as what direction you are headed. $300 might be a bit salty since chances are your car already has a rear view mirror, but it just might save you $300 worth of traffic tickets over time.

GPS Mirror watches out for you [via coolest-gadgets]