Gov's cybersecurity lead says his lack of technical know-how is a plus

The White House's cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel, tasked with things like heading the development of cybersecurity strategies, doesn't have much in the form of technical know-how, but that's okay, he says. According to Daniel, his lack of "being too down in the weeds at the technical level" is a benefit.

Daniel recently discussed the matter in an interview with GovInfoSecurity, where he addressed his lack of technical expertise and tried to spin it as a boon to the position of national cybersecurity coordinator. "You don't have to be a coder in order to really do well in this position," he said.

Rather, "the real issue is looking at the broad strategic picture," he said, and that is what he feels he brings to the position. Daniel holds a multiple degrees in public policy, something that allows him to "analyze and break down really complicated public policy problems and present them in a manner that makes them more amenable to analysis."

His remarks have spurred biting criticism from some, who point out that in many other areas, leaders still have expertise relevant to their position. The Attorney General, for example, holds a law degree, and the acting Surgeon General has an MD.

VIA: Vox