Government begins testing online ID system

The government is proceeding with a plan to test an online ID system, something that has been referred to as a "driver's license for the Internet." The test will kick off with a pilot program for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The idea behind the online ID system, which was proposed years ago, is that users will be able to have a single verified online identification that simplifies applying to government programs and performing other government-related online activities.

Potentially, the online ID could extend beyond use on government websites to other sites in general, ranging from your run-of-the-mill forum to comments sections of articles and everything (digitally) between them.

How Internet goers will respond to this isn't as clear. The program was criticized upon its introduction years ago, and the social environment for such a test is arguably more leery of trusting the government in light of information about NSA surveillance released by Snowden.

VIA: TechDirt