Gotta Grill

Michael Goldstein - Aug 31, 2006
Gotta Grill

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a true bachelor. I practically eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside from being very costly to maintain, I don’t always put the right foods in my system. A home cooked meal is typically found when I visit my parents. Since they live several thousand miles away, I don’t get fed the way I should as often as I should.

Last month, I test drove Breville’s juice machine. You may be pleased to know that I wasn’t going through a fad. I am still juicing every day! Inspired by the belief that healthy, low-fat meals can taste great and be easy to prepare it was time for me to take the plunge into cooking at home.

This month, I decided to try out Breville’s INDOOR GRILL AND BBQ 800GRXL. RRP $199. It is designed with innovative features and heavy-duty components.

I have to hand it to Breville. They don’t just make handy appliances. They make
kitchen art. When I first opened the box and put the appliance on the counter, I marveled at how good this product looks. It reminded me of the expensive heavy duty outdoor BBQ I remember seeing at my friends home in Malibu.

While I have yet to make cooking at home an everyday habit. I really have enjoyed using this product.

Grilling was a snap. Steaks, chicken breasts and sausages tasted great. And there was very little mess. You should know that the grill has an adjustable hinge that allows you to cook the meats in their own juices and then adjust the angle so that the juices are funneled cleanly into the removable drip tray.

And finally, the non-stick grilling plates were equally quick and easy to clean.

Happy Grilling…

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