Gothic webcam urges me to cut myself

James Allan Brady - Jan 21, 2008

Emo is not a word! But if it were, this would probably be the epitome of it. I mean, there are skulls, bones, snakes, and rocks.

How much more gothic than that does it get? I guess if it cranked out Gwar all day long, that would pretty much top it, but that’s about it. However, they opted to put a microphone in instead of a speaker, so the Gwar will have to come from somewhere else.

You can even take those stupid gothic MySpace pictures you kids love so much these days, you know, the ones with your half-blonde, half-black hair covering one eye, and the dripping eye makeup so it looks like you are crying black, yeah, that one. Oh, and if your room or life are too “dark” there are 4 LED lights built in to brighten your day.

[via akihabranews]

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