goTenna Brings Messaging With You Everywhere You Go

Even when you go camping, you take your smartphone. For the drive up, or back down — maybe even for the compass app — a smartphone is still good out in the middle of nowhere. What it's still poor at, however, is communicating. That's where goTenna comes in.

The new device, currently available for pre-order, comes in pairs. The goal is to let you communicate with others (that's why it comes in pairs), acting like a radio of sorts. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, goTenna will let you send messages and share your GPS location, just about anywhere you go.

Paired with the goTenna app, you can send and receive messages to any other goTenna user in range. That range is "up to 50.5 miles", according to goTenna, with recommendations on how to increase the range (like finding higher elevation, not hiding it in a bag).

Your device will need to be within 20 feet or so of a goTenna for it to work, which is why it comes in pairs. So long as you are close to your goTenna, and the two goTenna devices can find one another, you're in business. This is a really useful tool for traveling to a far off locale, or just when you're heading to a place in the city you know has terrible reception. You can pre-order goTenna now for $149.99, which is half-off retail. The pre-order website notes it ships late this Fall.

Source: goTenna