Got a yacht? Can't be bothered going to the bridge?

So this looks like some tacky aftermarket car alarm key-fob, doesn't it; it therefore comes as something of a surprise that it might be soon in the hands of very, very rich people.  We're talking yacht-rich, and moreover the kind of yachts that can be operated via remote control.  It's made by Cabela and is called the Cabela Minn Kota RipTide Wireless CoPilot; a long name for a cool little remote.

Yes, that's right, if you're too busy sunning yourself on the prow or sipping cocktails while nibbling cockles at the balustrade, you can avoid all those silly fishing boats and rafts full of migrants at the touch of a button.  With full left and right steering, control of the speed as well as cutting power to the propeller altogether, it's likely to be a damned expensive addition to your fleet.  But hey, you're worth it.

Still, there could be an embarrassing moment in the car park when, back on dry land, you wonder why your Bentley won't unlock; meanwhile, back at the Marina you've demolished half of the dock with your crazed finger-jabbing.

Cabela [via Crave]