Gostai Jazz Telepresence Robots Watch Your Home or Office, Let You be in Two Places at Once

It may not be possible to be in two different places at once, yet, but that's exactly why we need telepresence robots like the two Jazz 'bots created by Gostai in France. There are two different robots for people to choose. The first, which is the Jazz Connect is the cheaper of the two, and will help you connect with your business partners even if your'e not in the room with them. The second model, the Jazz Security, is meant to watch over your home while you're out and about, giving you an inside look as to what's going on, making it as if you're there without really being there.

The Jazz Connect costs $10,400, and it's meant specifically to help with business people who can't always be in every meeting they need to be in. The Jazz Security hikes up the price tag, $11,000, and uses different software to make sure that your home (or office) always has a pair of eyes on. As for the software that Gostai chose to put on the inside? Their very own open source Urbi software. You can see the Jazz 'bots in action in the video below.

[via DVICE]