GoPro Zeus Mini waterproof light is made for outdoor adventures

GoPro has announced a new product that is neither drone nor camera, but rather an accessory that would be useful in a variety of situations: the Zeus Mini. This model features 10 LED lights and a magnetic swiveling clip, enabling users to mount it for light while shooting with a camera or use it as an accessory in other situations. The Zeus Mini is compatible with existing GoPro mounts.

GoPro is best known for its action cameras, of course. Shooting with these cameras in low-light settings may be difficult, which is where accessory lights come in. These lighting products are separate from the camera and often function with multiple settings, including syncing with the camera shutter and working with certain types of wireless lights.

The GoPro Zeus Mini is an inexpensive accessory light option for anyone who needs a mountable product that is compact and can be used hands-free. GoPro positions its light as more than just a photography tool, explaining that it can also be used in general light during times when a small light is necessary — while fixing something under the sink, for example.

As far as features go, the light is fairly barebones, offering waterproof construction to depths of 33ft, a rechargeable battery, and four brightness levels that max out at 200 lumens. For photographers and videographers, the Zeus Mini includes a light diffuser that produces 5000K color temperature that GoPro says is 'tuned for GoPro cameras.'

The light includes a strobe function, which is largely a safety feature that outdoor adventurers can use to alert people to their locations. The light offers up to 6 hours of run-time per charge, according to GoPro, which is selling the light through its website for $69.99 USD.