GoPro unveils Battery BacPac for HD Hero camera

It was only a few weeks back that GoPro unveiled its new LCD for the back of its cool GoPro HD camcorder. The LCD is very small and is designed to be connected to the back of the camcorder so the user can see what they are filming. Another new accessory for the GoPro camera has been unveiled that is called the Battery BacPac.

The new accessory is a larger battery pack that allows the camera to record for longer periods of time. The battery backpack fits on the rear of the camera in the expansion port and you can't use the LCD at the same time you use the battery pack.

The new battery adds enough juice to run the GoPro for over five hours of video recording. The Battery BacPac sells for $49.99 and is shipping now. The battery charges via USB and has 1100mAh of power inside. The battery has LEDs to show how much power is left and ships with a waterproof door and a skeleton door for the camera housing.