GoPro mobile app is now Quik, adds private feeds to music video creation

GoPro is perhaps best known for its action cams, a market that is now full of lookalikes and clones. The company has since then expanded its product portfolio to 360-degree cameras, accessories, and more. It also has a suite of mobile apps, most of them geared towards supporting GoPro's cameras. That, too, is also expanding and GoPro is rebranding its old mobile app into GoPro Quik, bringing some new features to a very old app.

Loyal followers of the company will probably remember that GoPro already launched a Quik app years ago. It featured the ability to create a video montage of your GoPro cam photos synced to music. The new Quik app retains that capability, along with a growing number of royalty-free tracks to use, but it is also learning a few tricks along the way.

The new Quik app now supports importing images and videos from any camera, including the ones on your phone. Its new feature is a private "Mural" that is pretty much an Instagram-like feed curated based on the photos you share with the app. The app also offers the same editing tools that the old app had.

While users can import photos and videos from their camera roll into Quik to their heart's content, they will meet limits when it comes to backing up their memories to the cloud. Unlimited cloud backup is coming later this year

according to GoPro

but, as you might have expected, it won't be for free.


GoPro Quik app

is free to download and use on both Android and iOS but full features, including the upcoming unlimited cloud backup, will cost $1.99 a month or $9.99 a year. GoPro subscribers, who already pay $49.99 a year anyway, already have immediate access to Quik's full features plus some extra perks like unlimited original quality cloud backups.