GoPro hits Windows Phone 8, brings exclusive “PiP” to Nokia Lumia

Chris Burns - Jun 21, 2013
GoPro hits Windows Phone 8, brings exclusive “PiP” to Nokia Lumia

If you were thinking about working with a GoPro camera in the near future for all your hardcore sports-filming action and were deciding on which smartphone you’d like to pair with it, Nokia may have just made the choice a bit easier. This week the developers on the GoPro app team have made a GoPro app for Windows Phone 8, bringing exclusive features to the Nokia Lumia smartphone line while they’re at it. While most Windows Phone 8 devices will be able to use this app to connect to and control their GoPro camera, only Lumia devices will have PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode for overlaying the smartphone camera view on top of the live GoPro camera view.

With this PiP feature, the user will be able to snap photos with either camera at any time, switch views, and capture the both of them at the same time with a screenshot or dual-recording. This app release is bringing functionality to the HERO3 White, Black, and Silver Edition as well as Wi-Fi BacPac-enabled HD HERO2 cameras.

A connection is made between the camera and the phone with a Wi-Fi signal sent out by the GoPro itself, with a rather intuitive “Connect + Control” icon making the hook-up a tap or two from start to finish. This app allows the GoPro camera’s abilities to be controlled: video, photo, burst, and time-lapse, and brings a collection of technical changes to be made as well.


Above You’re seeing the Nokia Lumia 925.

Users will be able to control SD card contents, adjust video and photo capture sizes, and turn on and off GPS tracking. As you’ll see in the Nokia Conversations share made this week, some users are using this combination to turn the HERO3 into a surveillance camera as well. Rather creative, or making light of the lack of snow-covered ski hills in the area? Both, of course!

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