Google's 'Who's Down' makes it easier to hang out in person

When you're not hanging out in Hangouts, Google wants to make it easier to find friends for hanging out in real life via its new "Who's Down" mobile app. The app, which has been dropped in the Google Play Store, is currently open to those who have an invitation. If it manages to catch on in any significant way, though, it'll one day be an option for quickly seeing which friends are available for getting together, and which friends aren't, no typed response necessary.

If you want to get together in person now, you have to fire out some invitations, and though you know everyone sees them, far too few people take the ten seconds or so necessary to type out a yes or a no. Enter 'Who's Down', which appears to let friends show whether they're down to doing something by toggling a single switch to a yay or nay position.

Those doing the asking are presented with an "Anyone down to..." display, where they can then type the topic or choose from a list of popular picks. Hit save, choose the friends, and then wait for them to swipe one way or the other. It appears from the screenshots that there is a messaging feature, as well, though we can't explore it until an invite rolls this way.

The app is also available for iOS users, though they'll likewise need an invitation. An invitation can be requested from within the apps. It isn't clear when the invitation limitation will be removed. How long it lasts before becoming an unofficial hookup app is anyone's guess.

SOURCE: 9to5Google