Google's Schmidt: Chrome is "by far the safest"

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has taken the stage for his Mobile World Congress keynote, and he's already started with the zingers aimed at rivals with some comments on Microsoft and others' criticisms of Chrome. "If you care about security, you should use Chrome, because it's by far the safest" Schmidt said, referring to recent controversy about the security of the browser.

However, Schmidt wasn't only talking about Chrome's security advantages. "If you care about speed, you should use Chrome, because it's the fastest. And if you don't care about security or speed, then it's free."

Google has come in for criticism in recent weeks, over suggestions that it used unofficial workarounds to bypass security in Apple's Safari browser on iOS and on the desktop. Privacy watchdogs have also been frustrated at Google's approach to user data, around its recently updated privacy polices.

Chrome for Android was also discussed, launched in twenty new countries today.