Google's Santa Tracker is back to keep us all busy

December is here, and soon Santa will be as well. If your little one is far too excited for Santa, as many are, Google has you covered. As they do every year, Google has rolled out their Santa Tracker feature, meant to keep the kids entertained, if only for a short while. There's a countdown to Santa's arrival down your chimney, and special features rolling out daily. There's even a Santa Tracker app for those times the kids want to keep tabs while on the go themselves.

There's plenty to keep the kids involved this year, with a Calendar feature providing an overall view of when Santa will arrive. Header features let you know which days of the month will have games, videos, or something to learn from. You can even send a voice message to the kids on any phone you like (at some point during the month)!

In addition to games, Google is also aiming to get kids involved with programming. At various intervals throughout the month, kid-focused Javascript lessons will be made available.

Today, you'll get a Rudolph racing game, a side-scrolling video of people being turned into elves at the airport security checkpoint, and lessons on how kids around the world celebrate Christmas. There's also a link to the Android Santa Tracker app, which you can also find below.

And don't worry, when we said "kids", we really meant you, too. Enjoy!

Source: Google, Play Store app