Google's music aspirations surface

I have used subscription music services before like Rhapsody and really liked them. I tend to like music for a while and then get tired of it and move on to something else so being able to get all the turns I want is better for me than buying single tracks that I will only listen to for a month or so. A couple new reports have surfaced that outline a bit about Google and its aspirations for a music service.

According to the first report from Business Insider Google was "close" to laying out some cash to buy subscription music service that is already on the market. According to the report, the two servicers that were eyed were Spotify and Rhapsody. The report claims the deals fell through after "internal fighting" between three of the groups inside Google that were involved in the buying process. Google buying up Rhapsody would have been cool I think.

The second report talks about Google's plans to put music on the cloud. This cloud-based service is apparently what will come first, assuming the reports can be believed at all. Google is still eyeing a subscription service for later, but the cloud locker will come first. There are few details but the cloud locker would allow a user to upload their own tracks to listen to from anywhere. Negotiations with music studios have not started, but the report claims that Google is ready to throw millions at music labels to get them to agree.

Via Musically