Google's mobile search boosted with quick view and links

When using the desktop version of Google, your search results will display quick links under the main website in the results, making it eaiser to jump to the page you want. That feature has finally made its way to the mobile version of Web search, speeding things up and saving you time. Also added are Quick View links for certain search results, allowing you to check out the link before you click it.

Google demonstrates the convenience of quick links using Rotten Tomatos, which is featured in the screenshot above. You can see the list of links set below the main URL in the search results, including things such as DVD and Top Movies. These links allow you to quickly scan for the category or section that you want without having to enter the website and search around.

Obviously then, clicking on the link will jump you to the part of the website you want, no hassle necessary. While this is the biggest feature that has been added Google mobile Web search, quick view options have also been added on a limited basis, being applied to only Wikipedia search results while the feature is still in its testing phase.

Google says that it plans to add the quick view feature to other websites in the future, but doesn't give any more details than that. For those not familiar, quick view is another feature that has been available on the desktop variety of Google, allowing users to click "quick view" and see a popup preview of the page contained in the link.

[via Google]