Google's latest educational coding project brings in Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman movie is about to launch in theaters, and ahead of its release comes a new educational product from Google based on the movie. Released as part of its Made with Code initiative, Google has released a Wonder Woman-themed educational coding project that teaches kids (and adults!) the basics of coding using fun, interactive tools with instant results.

Google has many versions of its coding projects; anyone who has used a past project will have a general idea of what to expect in the new Made with Code Wonder Woman project. Open the interactive environment here and you'll be greeted with a picture under a grid, a character, and some actions. The goal is to choose the character and 'code' it to perform a specific action.

In the first step, this action is running forward two blocks, jumping the distance of two blocks, then landing in a final block. The coding is achieved by piecing together blocks with pre-set actions, then clicking 'Play' to run the code. Users get to see the on-screen character react according to their code blocks.

It's all very intuitive, something a child could pick up easily and perform on their own. The Wonder Woman project has a total of three levels, the total duration of which is only a few minutes each. If you enjoy this project, you can find a bunch of others like it on the Made with Code Projects page, including others based on movies.

SOURCE: Google Blog