Google's latest easter egg: Zerg Rush

Quick! Go type "do a barrel roll" into Google. Fun, right? Google has added their latest easter egg which is in the same vein. If you go to Google today and type in "zerg rush", you'll be met with a wave of O's representing zerglings attacking the results. In order to defeat them and protect your "base", you'll need to frantically click on them. Careful though: the numbers rapidly increase no matter how awesome your APM count is.

Every search result has its own health bar (as do the zerglings) which will slowly degrade as your opponents pick away at it. If you fail to successfully defend against the attack, the zerglings form into a "GG" (good game, a courtesy extended to the winner at the end of a Starcraft match).

Fancy giving it a spin? Head on over to Google to furiously click, build up your APM, and amass as high a score as possible (which you can share on Google+ and brag about). Go on, spend your Friday afternoon doing this. It's probably more fun than what you were doing anyway! Unless you were really playing Starcraft 2. In any event: gl hf.

[via The Next Web]