Google's Jelly Bean statue melts

Google's latest and greatest version of Android, Jelly Bean, brings a whole host of improvements and new features to the operating system. Performance is the name of the game with Jelly Bean, with Project Butter keeping everything moving swiftly along even on the Galaxy Nexus. That's not the only thing Google introduced: as is custom with a new major version of Android, they planted a statue on the Mountain View campus to celebrate. That statue has been feeling the heat, with a post on Google+ showing it's partially melted in the summer sun.

Dan Morrill served up the photo along with the details on Google+. Apparently the Jelly Bean statue overheated, causing the head to partially melt and eventually pop off from the body. On top of that, a passerby seems to have taken one of the jelly beans from inside the statue. The monument has been cordoned off in the meantime, and Morrill quips that "the design is already working on a bug fix."

Don't worry, Google, we still love Jelly Bean. The Android update has breathed new life into the Galaxy Nexus, bringing super smooth graphical transitions and better overall performance. Google Now could be interesting in the long run, but it's hard to judge it without giving it time to adapt to your habits, location, and searches. Jelly Bean also brings offline voice dictation – a welcome addition – and improved notifications.