Google's infamous "I'm Feeling Lucky" button gets big update

Here at the end of the week in the world of tech reporting, things often get kind of weird – and with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button update, today is no exception. Google's newest update takes their web-based search homepage and changes out the "Lucky" button with a collection of options for the adventurous search user. The first example they give on the update is an "I'm Feeling Hungry" button which takes you to restaurants near your GPS location – fun!

When you put your cursor over the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, you'll find a collection of randomly selected terms that you might bring up. An animation "spins" the button and gives you a random result. You might see "Wonderful" or "Trendy" – leading you to results that associate with the term at hand. Don't expect the result to connect with your search term, on the other hand.

While the "Lucky" button used to bring you to a single page based on your search term, the Google search system has been updated to a point where that functionality simply no longer exists. When you begin typing a search term into the search bar on the homepage, you immediately begin to see results on a whole new search page. Because of this, there's no place for the "Lucky" button to live.

Some of the results that have been popping up thus far from examples of buttons are as follows: Lucky leads to Google Logos, Wonderful leads to the World Wonders Project in collaboration with the Google Cultural Institute and Google Maps, Stellar leads to the Hubble Telescope page in Google Earth. Have a crack at the button yourself and let us know what you find!