Google's Eric Schmidt to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee antitrust subcommittee

Google may have thought all of the legal wrangling that had to do with the revelation last year that its Street View vehicles were capturing WiFi data was behind it. As it turns out the issue may just not be heating up in the US with the announcement that executive chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt will testify before the Senate in September. Schmidt will be in front of the subcommittee for anti-trust investigations.

The consumer group Consumer Watchdog has been pressuring the Senate to investigate Google over the WiFi capturing scandal. Google has faced legal investigations in other countries over the collection of the WiFi data as well. One of the last investigations we talked about was one launched by Spain last summer. Consumer Watchdog says that it has been calling for Schmidt to give sworn testimony for over a year now.

Schmidt and Larry Page had declined to testify before the committee in the past and Consumer Watchdog called for the executives to be subpoenaed. It's unclear whether the Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Schmidt for the September testimony or not. Consumer Watchdog also called on the FTC to investigate Google and that investigation is underway.