Google's epic response to El Capitan

Apple releases an OS update called El Capitan, Google responds by scaling said mountain, documenting the experience. This is the difference between Google and Apple. While Apple may be able to sell millions of phones and release operating systems that the public loses their minds over, they don't have people climbing mountains, recording the experience for distribution for free online. It's just not the same sort of experience. It's just not the same sort of environment – not up a sheer rock face, anyway.

Below you'll be able to see bits and pieces of the entire Yosemite park El Capitan trek, up and up and up the mountain. This is the first StreetView adventure sort of deal Google has made entirely embeddable – and it's a sign of great things to come! Now imagine yourself in this environment in virtual reality!

Individual panographic images can be embedded on webpages – just like you see here. Below you'll see what Google calls "El Cap Tower In Morning" (Alex, Lynn, Tommy). The names come from the crew scaling this mountain face.

Next you'll see what's called "Relaxing on El Cap" (Alex).

Scaling this wall are climbers Lynn Hill, Alex Honnold, and Tommy Caldwell. This is a 3,000 foot climb from the bottom to the top.

Next you're seeing Pitch 19 of the Dawn Wall with Tommy. Below you'll find The Pioneer.

This is just one part of the journey Google has taken with these amazing athletes and adventurers – and just one part of the journey Google Maps has taken all around the world to capture places and situations just for you. Have a peek at our Street View tag portal for one whole heck of a lot more!