Google's Blob Opera experiment lets anyone create dramatic music

If you've dreamed about creating your own opera masterpiece, Google has your back. The company has introduced a new experiment under its Arts & Culture non-profit initiative called 'Blob Opera.' The name sounds like nonsense until you learn exactly what Blob Opera is — a tool featuring colorful blobs that, you know, sing opera music.

The blobs drop one by one onto the screen, each singing a different part of your future opera song. You're tasked with shifting them back and forth, up and down, to change their pitch and volume. All the while, Blob Opera records your production (assuming you hit the record button).

The tool is as simple as it is interactive — the blobs' eyes follow your cursor, for example, and you can mute each one whenever you want using a click. Not feeling too creative yourself? There's also a toggle switch for enabling holiday music.

Enabling the feature will pull up a list of song options; click one and the blobs will start singing that song, Santa hat and snow included. You can then play around with the sliders and mute buttons to modify the songs. Click the 'stop' button when you get tired of the concert.

The key part of the tool, of course, is that you don't actually have to know anything about music to generate interesting songs. This isn't the first music experiment Google has published, but it is one of the most polished and easy to use. You can try the tool for yourself on Google's Arts & Culture site.