Google's Andy Rubin optimistic about Apple's ITC win against HTC

Google's Android chief Andy Rubin is optimistic about the recent ITC ruling that found Android partner HTC in violation of two claims on one of Apple's patents. Rubin believes that the ruling marks the beginning of patent settlements that will lead to a "quick path to settling" the patent disputes currently being lodged against Android.

The recent ITC ruling will take effect April 19, 2012, banning the sale and importation of some of HTC's smartphones. However, the ruling found HTC violating only one of the four patents claimed by Apple and HTC has already developed a workaround. Hence, the Taiwanese manufacturer announced that the ruling was actually a victory for the company.

During a visit at HTC headquarters, Rubin spoke with journalists, echoing the same optimism, saying that the ruling would be "a way to settle this situation." Rubin also said at the briefing that Google's Android platform has seen a 200,000 increase in daily activations since three months ago, now hitting more than 700,000 a day.

[via TNW]